Eagle PRIDE.... Perseverance to solve problems... Responsibility, respect and integrity.... Investment in life-long learning, community service, and global contribution.... Dedication to mental and physical well-being.... Effective communications, collaboration, and critical thinking.

2016 Parent Survey

Parents of the classes of 2016 through 2019, please take the survey from the link below as part of our annual school improvement and accreditation process. Thank you.

Math Placement Tests

Math placement tests are offered on July 15 and August 4 from 9:00 - 10:30. This placement test is for all new to ESUSD students at ESHS. No sign-up necessary, just show up in the Counseling Office before 9:00.

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Labor Day Holiday-No School
Date: 9/5/2016
Early Dismissal
Date: 9/7/2016
BACK to School Night
Date: 9/7/2016, 5:45 PM 8 PM
Location: PAC
Early Dismissal
Date: 9/26/2016
Early Dismissal
Date: 10/10/2016
Early Dismissal
Date: 10/24/2016

Volleyball vs West Torrance
Date: 8/30/2016
Location: 3:00/4:30/4:30 V/JV/FS @ ESHS
Football vs Leuzinger
Date: 9/1/2016
Location: 3:00 JV @ Leuzinger 3:00 FR @ ESHS
Volleyball vs Bishop Montgomery
Date: 9/1/2016
Location: 3:00/4:30/4:30 V/JF/FS @ ESHS
Football vs Leuzinger
Date: 9/2/2016
Location: 7:00 Varsity @ ESHS
X Country @ Cool Breeze Invitational
Date: 9/3/2016
Location: TBA @ Pasadena/Rose Bowl (Night Race)

Sarah Strock is our January Teacher of the month!

Some comments made by our students:
Ms. Strock is one of the most spirited and passionate teachers we have at El Segundo High. She will stay after school and or lunch/snack to re-explain a Spanish topic a student was confused on. She shows such a welcoming and caring personality towards every single one of her students. Ms. Strock wants them to succeed, so she will do everything in her power to give a positive comfortable environment in the classroom. No one is as prepared as Ms. Strock! She has become such a positive leader to students and to the faculty. Congrats again Ms. Strock. We appreciate you!

Vickie Stucken is ASB Teacher of the Month for November!

Some comments made by her students:

Mrs. Stucken has been the backbone for all of her students. She is so helpful in preparing every single senior for college. She is completely honest with her students and really emphasizes the ways they can improve their writing. Mrs. Stucken works tirelessly to ensure that each and every one of her students gets the attention and support he or she needs. It is so inspiring to see her influence every student everyday discussing literature on a whole different level. She's genuinely interested in all of her students and loves to keep them engaged. She cares not only about students’ school work, but also their college applications as well. Mrs. Stucken is a life saver to seniors, and she has become such an influential mentor to all of us! Thank you so much Mrs. Stucken. We love you!!!

Custodian William Ochoa is ASB's Classified Employee of the Month

Here's what the students said about William:
William is the epitome of a hard worker. He is always ready to help, no matter the task at hand. It is so inspiring to see William every single day dedicate 100% of his time and effort towards this school. He is a great addition to this high school and he is greatly appreciated by the student body and the faculty. He always has a smile on his face and doesn't complain. He inspires students everyday because of his strong work ethic and passion for the school. He is such a special person with a giant heart!
Thank you William for all your time and effort. We love you!

Sarah Davlantis is ASB Teacher of the Month for October!

Some comments made by her students:
Mrs. Davlantis is so passionate about American history and truly wants her students to learn. She is one of the funniest people ever. She makes learning about history something that is fun and engaging. It takes a great teacher to teach the subject, but it takes an amazing teacher to teach what is not in the books, and that is exactly what she does. She instills life lessons on all her students which make a huge impact on all of them too. Her hard work and go-get-it attitude exemplify what is great about El Segundo High School! Congratulations!!!

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