Eagle PRIDE.... Perseverance to solve problems... Responsibility, respect and integrity.... Investment in life-long learning, community service, and global contribution.... Dedication to mental and physical well-being.... Effective communications, collaboration, and critical thinking.

ESUSD Board of Education Goals for the Future Presentation
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Incoming Freshmen Parent NIght Presentation
Please open the attachment to view the Incoming Freshmen Parent Night Presentation
Congratulations Mason's Essay Winners
Incoming Freshmen Parent NIght
The Class of 2019 Incoming Freshmen Parent Night is Wednesday, April 15th from 6 to 8pm.
Incoming Freshmen and their parents are welcome for an informative night preparing you for the 2015-2016 school year. Welcome incoming Eagles!!!!
El Segundo Eagle PRIDE Video
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Early Dismissal-1:48PM
Date: 4/27/2015
Dude. be nice Project
Date: 4/30/2015
ESHS Drama Performance "Beauty and the Beast"
Date: 5/1/2015, 7 PM 10 PM
Location: PAC-ESHS
ESHS Drama Performance "Beauty and the Beast" 2PM & 7PM
Date: 5/2/2015
Location: PAC-ESHS
Hometown Fair
Date: 5/2/2015, 10 AM 4 PM
Location: El Segundo High School front lawn, Main Street, Library Park
ESHS Drama Performance "Beauty and the Beast" 7PM
Date: 5/3/2015, 7 PM 9 PM
Location: PAC-ESHS

Softball vs North Torrance
Date: 4/27/2015
Location: 3:15 JV @ ES Rec Park
Tennis vs Beverly Hills
Date: 4/27/2015
Location: 2:30 @ ES Rec Park
Baseball vs Hawthorne
Date: 4/28/2015
Location: 3:15 Varsity @ Hawthorne HS 3:15 FS @ ES Rec Park
Softball vs Santa Monica
Date: 4/28/2015
Location: 3:15/3:15 V/JV @ Santa Monica Memorial Park
Tennis vs Culver City
Date: 4/28/2015
Location: 2:30 @ Culver City HS
B Lacrosse vs Beverly Hills
Date: 4/29/2015
Location: 3:00/4:30 V/JV @ ES High School

David Reed is our April Teacher of the Month!!
Mr. Reed is such an inspiration to our photography students. He partakes in a copious amount of jobs throughout the school year and the summer. He is the head of the department for arts and language and oversees the yearbook. Students come out of his class not only learning about the subject of photography, but also history and other subjects. He always deals with students in a positive manner and has become one of the most well-liked and well-respected teachers at the school. We thank you so much Mr. Reed for all your contributions. Thanks again!
Penny Laster is our Classified Employee of the Month!!!
Here's what ASB said about Penny:

Penny is a long time employee of ESHS and is always doing the behind the scenes work for all the teachers. Whenever someone walks in with a task she is always willing to help with a bright smile on her face. Penny is more than deserving for this recognition because she does everything she can to help out no matter how large or small the task! She also really cares about her students and listens to them and offers her wisdom. Without her and her phenomenal work ethic and caring, our school would never be able to function! Thanks again Penny. You matter to us so much. We love you and appreciate all you do!
Elie Nehme is 1 out of 10 in state to win essay contest!
Eli Nehme won the CSU Sacramento LegiSchool Essay Contest. He was 1 out of 10 in the state to win the contest.
Congrats Ms. Palma for being March Classified of the Month!!!
Ms. Palma often deals with kids who are frustrated or in a rush to exit school, yet she always is kind and patient with every single student she helps. She takes the time to get to know everyone and always has a smile on her face. She definitely brightens everyone's day with her wonderful attitude and upbeat positive spirit. Whenever a student arrives late, she makes sure every step is in place for you to go to class. Although Ms. Palma has to deal with every student's attendance in the school, she still always has a great attitude. Thank you again. We appreciate you!!!
Congrats Ms. Zeiher for being March Teacher of the Month!!!
Ms. Zeiher is the epitome of a hard worker. She will persevere day in and day out to help any Spanish student. Even if a student is not in her class, she is still willing to help him or her. She is so passionate, it's truly inspiring. She emulates hard work which truly is motivating for all students. We are so thankful for Ms. Zeiher. Without all her hard work and dedication, the Spanish department would not be functioning as the well oiled machine it is! Thank you!!!!
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