El Segundo High Students win the Mentor's Award at the Real World Design Challenge National Championship!

A team of El Segundo High students lead by Engineering teacher, Steve Eno, won the Mentor's Award at the National Championship for the Real World Design Challenge! The team beat out 36 teams from 13 states in order to win the Independent State challenge which qualified them for Nationals. At the National Championship they were in the top 4 teams out of 26. By winning the award they are the top 1% of engineering students in the country!

A very special thanks to Mr. Reed who was their main mentor for figuring out which camera would best support their mission.

Here is the list of our amazing students:
Mason Buzzel
Noah Fleishman
Pawel Gertych
Benjamin Landers
Nick Mazuk
Andrew Miyaguchi
Nick Porras
Greta Studier