Reflections 2016-2017

The 2016-2017 PTA Reflections Theme is:   "What is Your Story".
The PTA  2016-2017 Winners for the Reflections Program are: 
Music Composition
1. Jillian Farris: Floating
2. Cece Jane Stewart: Stuck
3. Tom Flores: Movement (Running)
4. Spencer Moore: Until the Weekend

1. Alexandra Macias: The Family of Brown Eyes
2. Chrizelle Soon: Tick, tock says the clock
3. Alex Nilsson: The Gift Without the Bow
4. Raya Irving: Her Victory, Their Detriment

Visual Arts
1. Chrizelle Soon: Hour Journey
2. Lindsey Kartvedt: The Puzzle of Life
3. Nicole Woertler: What I Have, What I Want
4. Aiyana Verfaillia: Learn

1. Asha Boverat: Dancer by the Sea
2. Cecilia Jane Stewart: The Guitar
3. Asha Boverat: Happy Place
4. Cecilia Jane Stewart: As Far As the Eye Can See

Dance Choreography
1. Sophia Arguelles: False Friends
2. Shanti O'Neil: Stuck Behind the Heart and Mind

Film Production
1. Chance Davis: Got Juice
2. Islam Talbots: Liquid Sunshine
3. Chance Davis: Work in Progress
4. Gianna Pira: A Journey of Art
The 2017 - 2018 PTA Reflections Theme is "Within Reach"