Congratulations to the ESHS Art Department - March Teachers of the Month!!!

ASB would like to recognize the ESHS Art teachers this month! They are dedicated not only to their craft, but also to supporting school culture through events like Kindness Week. Our Art teachers are hard working, supportive, and caring. THANK YOU! 


“Mrs. Kadonaga never fails as an art teacher! She is super sweet, and always has nice things to say about her students. I love when we do campfires and talk about our artwork.” 


“Mrs. K is full of positive energy, is constantly encouraging, and pushes her students to be better. She works hard to provide opportunities for her students and truly cares about their journeys as artists.”


“Mrs. Lewis is very creative! She's really helped make a yearbook that we'll enjoy looking at forever. Overall, she has a great attitude and is fun to be around.”


“Mrs. Lewis has been so helpful in my art and sculpture class and I had so much fun while in sculpture my freshman year. I learned a lot! Her gentle nature made me feel safe to create."


“Mr. Reed is awesome! His humor is unmatched and loves all of us “kiddos”. He’s so smart and knows everything about everything.”


“Mr. Reed truly cares about his current students as well as his past ones. He makes it a point to remember the little things about his students to make them feel welcomed no matter the situation."


The 3 of you lovely folks REALLY helped make Kindness Week a success! We're forever grateful!