Congratulations Mrs. Clemmer - May Teacher of the Month!!!

“Ms. Clemmer is the most passionate and energetic teacher I have ever had. She is always eager to teach every single day and always has a smile on her face. I love how she incorporates movies into the lectures to help us make comparisons and make difficult topics more approachable. I’m so lucky I got to have her as a teacher.”

“Mrs. Clemmer is the best! She has so much energy and always is excited to teach! She is so passionate about teaching and personalizes her teaching approach for every kid. She brightens my day with her enthusiasm and her positivity!”

“Ms. Clemmer makes herself available to all her students. She is super encouraging and never lets any student talk down on themselves! She is always excited starting early in the morning!!!”

“Mrs. Clemmer is an absolutely fantastic educator and person. She displays a genuine care for her students in providing calculus resources for them (expenses which come out of her own pocket) and in making herself available to all her students at any time. From sitting down in person to explain a concept, to providing her personal cell phone number to the entire class, she has proved time and time again her commitment to ESHS in both the best of times and the worst of times (even amidst her own busy schedules at LMU, other school districts, and health). Mrs. Clemmer is a revolutionary teacher as she takes a unique approach to building a strong calculus foundation through deep thinking, meta-cognition, and application. She has given an immense service to this school and to each of her students through her class, teaching, infamous roller coaster project, and personality.” - Matt T.

ASB wishes you all the best! We're really going to miss you around here!