Congratulations Mr. Horvath - September Teacher of the Month

Congrats to Mr. Horvath as our September Teacher of the Month!!! So awesome!! Here's a note from our ASB kids: 
As one of the hardest working teachers on campus, Mr. Horvath puts in much of his personal time, whether it be for robotics club, engineering, or physics tutoring after school. Teaching very specialized classes on campus, much of his hard work may go unnoticed by some, but is very much appreciated by all those who benefit from his dedication and stellar example of Eagle PRIDE. Mr. Horvath has put in a lot of hard work and we are ecstatic to recognize him as teacher of the month. 
Best said by students.....
“Mr. Horvath is one of the most supportive and caring teachers here at El Segundo.”
“Mr. Horvath is the type of person that works hard because he truly cares about what he does.”
“He teaches very rigorous and challenging classes but he always makes the time to give his students extra help.”