Congratulations to Ms. Byrd - February Teacher of the Month!!!

It is with deep respect that I announce our ASB selected Teacher of the Month, Ms. Karen Byrd!!!!!!  (and the crowd goes wild!!!!)

ASB kiddos say it best....

Ms. Byrd is an outstanding teacher who constantly demonstrates her love for biology and her passion for sharing that love with her students. She always puts her students' needs before her own, making sure that they fully understand the concept they are learning before moving on to the next. She dedicates so much of her time to her students and is committed to helping them succeed, and for that, we are excited to recognize her as a teacher of the month.

“Ms. Byrd always makes jokes and is funny. She is really passionate about her class and its curriculum as well as students and their education.”

“Even though she seems hard on the outside, she is one of the sweetest and most genuine teachers at the school. She puts all of her students above herself and truly wants the best for all of her kids. She never fails to bring a smile to students’ faces with her singing in class. She also encourages every single person that walks into her class to have a growth mindset which is necessary throughout life, whether that be in school or in the future.”

“Ms. Byrd is super funny and is always making jokes! She cares so much about her students and their learning, which is shown through her teaching style.”

Congratulations, Ms. Byrd!