Old Cell Phones Needed for VR Pilot

VR Headset Pilot:  Old Cell Phones Needed


Donate your old cell phones to ESHS.  We had a company donate over 100 Virtual Reality Headsets, and we excited to bring this engaging technology into our instructional program.  However, VR Headsets require a mobile device, specifically a cell phone. If you are interested in donating an iPhone or Android phone, we would be so appreciative, and you or your child can drop off the phone at the attendance of Main Office.   Before you do so, please be sure to erase all data and unlock your phone.  Here are some instructions on how to do this.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8D-oYD2l-UeMlhFTlN6dnBSQTQ/view?usp=sharing

Our thanks for your consideration.