Mr. Roter is our December Teacher of the Month!!!

Roter is just the best! He understands that AP Chem is hard and is always willing to help us understand what is going on, no matter how long it takes. I often spend snack in his room trying to understand everything. What made all of the AP Chem students really grateful was when he made our work load for his class light during homecoming week so we could help build our senior homecoming float, as well as enjoy our last homecoming. He also chaperoned float building. He is just an overall great guy and really deserves to be teacher of the month!
Mr. Roter is an incredible teacher that genuinely wants his students to succeed. He is able to explain a problem in a multitude of ways making sure that the student is able to comprehend the question. He is undoubtedly the most encouraging teacher in the entire school.
Roter is super understanding. He understands when we need extra time on assignments or when we are having bad days. He always cracks jokes during class and can really brighten your day. He is very passionate about his job as a teacher and is overjoyed when he sees his students improving and learning.