Mr. Horvath is our January Teacher of the Month!!!

"Mr. Horvath  is an awesome teacher. Aside from his massive intellect and academic achievement in the engineering field, he is an authentic person, is engaged with his students, truly wants them to succeed, and is just a fun guy. He can always make his class laugh even without trying to and is available to answer questions and clarify physics concepts. He teaches some of some of the hardest classes on campus. He is extremely patient, collected, and cool. He takes his students on field trips, supports teams of students in competitions, and encourages them to take their learning beyond the classroom. His dedication to his students provides them many new activities to succeed and achieve outside of class. Not only this, but he has spent time after class to hang out with his students and assist them in difficult problem sets and even took time on a Saturday to join a pick up soccer game with his students! A bunch of students got to play a soccer game with Mr. Horvath where he proved that his skills extend even beyond physics. As a fun, smart, and collected teacher he has provided a learning environment where I have stretched myself intellectually more than I ever have before." 

"Horvath is a physics wizard and an expert in his field. He has so many awards and certificates that decorate his wall- well deserved. He’s a great guy and more than willing to explain something if you’re confused about it." 

"He is very interactive with his students. And a very engaging engineering and physics teacher."