Ms. McNeela is our February Teacher of the Month!!!

You are awesome and here's why: 

"Ms. McNeela is a kind and caring teacher and allows her students to express themselves in her class."
"McNeela is a caring teacher that is always there when her student are in need. She works hard to make each day fun in her class while also making each day very productive. She is a bright soul and has wonderful taste in shoes." 😂

"Ms. McNeela truly cares about the success of each of her students. she gives her students countless opportunities to improve and achieve the grades they want. you can sense her caring nature even as you walk into her classroom."

"Ms. McNeela has created a positive learning environment in which students feel comfortable and confident in expressing their ideas."

"Ms McNeela puts aside time to help her students succeed. She invests in their learning and does her best to connect with her students, asking for opinions and creating a great learning environment."

"Ms. McNeela has an amazing attitude towards her students and makes sure each individual gets the maximum amount of help to improve their writing. She also dedicates a large portion of her time after school to help students with their upcoming essays. She is strict, but that is what makes her such a great teacher."

"Ms. McNeela is an extremely kind and caring teacher. She is willing to take time out of her day to help students improve in their work and encourages her students to ask questions. Even though she is a tough grader, and sometimes strict, that is what's makes her an amazing teacher; her grading on vocabulary sentences lets her students know what they can improve on." 

Again, congratulations, and thank you for being one of El Segundo High School's most amazing teachers!