Congratulations to Mr. Reed - September Teacher of the Month




“Your classroom always brings me happiness. I love hearing the many stories you have to tell and learning all the interesting things you know about the world. You make your students understand that you care about them and their life in and outside of your classroom. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and role model. Congratulations on Teacher of the month!!!” 


“Mr. Reed is one of the sweetest men I’ve ever met. He’s full of information that’s extremely useful and his class is enjoyable.”


“Mr Reed is a friendly and a great person to talk to when you are feeling upset. He’s fair so he will help you out in any way he can and he also is always happy even when dealing with some trouble makers.”


“He is super passionate about what he teaches. He is super smart and is a really fun teacher to have. I look forward to his class everyday. “


“I’ve never had Mr. Reed, and sadly never will due to my schedule, but if there is any teacher I really wish I could have, it would be him. I met him when I went into his class wondering what he could share with me about architecture because it is something that interests me... I left with a movie that he recommended. After watching it that night I returned it the next day, and it made my day to see how happy he was that I was as excited about it as he was.  Aside from my own feelings of admiration,  I often hear about how much other students love him!"


Again, congratulations, and thank you for being one of El Segundo High School's most amazing teachers!