Congratulations to Profe Croft - November Teacher of the Month

Give it up for Profe Croft our November Teacher of the Month! 


You were overwhelmingly nominated by the student body because of your dedication to your students and the supportive nature you possess.

 A few comments made by your students include:

 “Profe Croft  is an outstanding teacher because of the effort he applies to creating a lesson plan and making it so his students learn. He of course also cares deeply for his students as he understands the rigorous life of a high schooler and the challenges that come with it.” 

 “Profe Croft incorporates fun in his teaching class allowing student to fully commit and enjoy Spanish class! He is accepting of all learning types and loves all his students.“

 “Profe Croft is an amazing teacher with the best teaching methods. I feel like I can really learn in his class!” 

 “Profe Croft is an amazing teacher! He always creates fun activities for his class.”

 Again, congratulations, and thank you for being one of El Segundo High School's most amazing teachers!