Congratulations to Ms. Maisonet - December Teacher of the Month

“Ms. Maisonet makes sure all of her students have an understanding of the material they are learning. She is very School spirited and strives to make connections with anyone she can.”


“Although I’ve never had Ms. Maisonet as a teacher, she always has an open door to talk to students is so passionate about everything at this school such as link crew and the teacher dance for homecoming.”


“I had Mrs. Maisonet for chemistry over the Summer and she impressed me everyday with her enthusiasm and kindness. She made it her personal goal to make sure her students understood the material and even came in on days we didn't have class do provide additional study sessions.”


“She’s always there to talk out any issues or problems you’re having. She lifts everyone’s spirits up with her positive attitude.”


“Ms Maisonet is my first period teacher, she brings the energy up in the class, and knows how to make you smile.”


“She’s actually a superhero. The way she gets involved in so many organizations on campus is truly inspiring!”


“Ms. Maisonet is such a sweet and caring teacher. Not only is she a teacher rep for many clubs, she is also plays a huge role for the class of 2021.”


“Ms. Maisonet is such a joy to be around, and she somehow finds a way to keep her students engaged and wanting to learn. She has such a positive attitude and is always looking out for her students or anyone who is looking for someone to talk to. She is so outgoing and willing to help anyone and gives up her time to help others.”


“Ms. Maisonet makes her students feel special and recognized, always making time for conversation and love.”


Again, congratulations, and thank you for being one of El Segundo High School's most amazing teachers!