Congratulations to Ms. McCann - February Teacher of the Month

Ms. McCann is such a kind-hearted teacher that devotes so much of her time to her students not only is she an amazing, hardworking softball coach, but she really helps her students each and everyday learn math.”

“Ms. McCann is engaging, fun, and takes time to explain concepts so her students fully comprehend the material, and she shows the best dog memes.”


“McCann is enthusiastic, eager, and dedicated to ensuring that her students

“Ms. McCann is a teacher that truly cares about her students. she offers an abundance of extra credit and makeup work to help her students achieve better grades.. not to mention that she’s super funny and fun to talk to.”

“Mrs.McCann is such a sweet and nice person she is such an amazing softball coach and she is just an amazing person.”

Ms.McCann is a great person and teacher and should never change.”

“Ms. McCann is a really good teacher. She truly cares about her students and does her best to help them out. She helps in and out of class and her daily does of dog memes is really funny and original. She truly is a great teacher.”learn.”

“She is an amazing math teacher and cares about you and your personal needs.”

“Ms McCann is the best! She teaches us pre-calc honors (a hard class) at 645 am! We can go to her whenever we have questions, and she does the best job explaining all of the content. Her class is laid back and enjoyable which makes us not hate math!”

“Ms. McCann is the nicest teacher on campus by far. Constantly doing her best to make sure everyone gets the lesson and doing everything she can to help each individual student.”

“I love Ms. McCann! She is an amazing teacher and one of the best people ever!!”

“Mrs. McCann cares so deeply for her students. She takes her time and is patient with our zero period class as we are constantly asking questions. She makes sure to keep her classroom high energy, even at 6 am.”

“I’ve never had Ms. McCann but I met her once and say hi to her every time I see her after then. She is a great coach and all of her players and students love her. She is super nice and super cool!”

“Ms. McCann is an amazing teacher rep and person. She spends so much time helping her students as well as other students with math and gives so much attention to all the kids in her class. She creates a bond with every single one of her students and really makes sure that they understand what is going on in class.”

“As a teacher rep Ms. McCann is helpful, kind and up to help in anyway she can. As the Sophomore class we deeply appreciate her.”

You're amazing, McCann! Keep it up!