Reflections 2017-2018

The 2017 - 2018 PTA Reflections Theme is "Within Reach"

Visual Arts

1st place    Suey Diep                                 A Ticket to Travel is Within Reach

2nd place                    Katrina Ravitch                          A Life Within Reach

3rd place                    Sophia Andrade                      Bucket List

4th place                     Lucia Liu                                     Medical Mixture



1st place                    Gabrielle Esquer                         Following the Footsteps of Success

2nd place                   Alyssa Gamboa                           Why Am I Who I Am?

3rd place                    Nina Bell                                       Price of Gaming

4th place                     Shawn Gunn                                 Have you ever seen a family…



1st place                      Nancy Kiner                                 Bending over backwards to Reach Her Goals

2nd place                     Nancy Kiner                                 Flying High

3rd place                     Jillian Farris Music Heals

4th place                      Nancy Kiner                                 High Hopes


Dance Choreography

1st place                      Kelsey Cottrell                             Nothing is Too Heavy


Film Production

1st place  Bryant Kellogg                              Live Life to the Fullest


The first place winners have moved on to the Southern California 33rd district. Congratulations to our winners. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.