Reflections 2018-2019

The 2018 - 2019 PTA Reflections "Heroes Around Me"
Visual Arts:
1st Place                                 Katrina Ravitch with "Happy Accidents"
2nd Place                                Isabella Kues  with "The Guy"
3rd Place                                 Eddy Grant with "An American Hero"
4th Place                                 Ariana Molina with "Battle of Education"
1st Place                                Neal Fallon with "The Justice League"
2nd Place                               Conall Hickey with "Boys in Red"
3rd Place                               Sydney Chen with "Saturday Morning"
4th Place                               Jessica Cadmus with "Jumping for Joy"
1st Place                             Samantha Nilsson with "My Own Marvel Movie"
2nd Place                            Aidan Pagel with "A Walk with Heroes"
3rd Place                             Quin Kirsten with "An Understated Hero"
4th Place                             Tharini Vavulli with "Breaking Sterotypes"