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About Us: Past and Present

Housed in a classic 1927 landmark building, El Segundo High School claims the mantle of “California Distinguished High School,” an award bestowed upon the campus in spring of 2003 and again in 2007. Furthermore, in 2008, Newsweek Magazine placed ESHS in the top 5% of high schools nationally. Additionally, the El Segundo Unified School District, in 2007, had the honor of being named one of Standard and Poor’s twenty-nine “academic out-performing” school districts in the state, giving new meaning to the El Segundo High School motto: “Enter To Learn, Go Forth for Service.” El Segundo High School not only weaves into its cultural fabric the beliefs embraced by all its stakeholders: students, faculty, parents, and community, but also proudly verbalizes those same ideals in its Mission Statement:

El Segundo High School will provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become life-long learners, effective communicators, and socially productive citizens who will be prepared for choices and challenges in the 21st century.


El Segundo began as a small company town for Standard Oil (now Chevron), and has since grown into a middle-to-upper-middle class community of 17,024 residents (2005). While growing in size, El Segundo gave up nothing of its small-town community feel, even as Fortune 500 aerospace, technology, and manufacturing companies joined Standard Oil in calling El Segundo home. It also serves as headquarters to Unocal; Big 5; Aura Systems, Inc.; Computer Sciences Corp.; Davita, Inc.; Peerless Systems Corp.; Decrane Aircraft Holdings Inc.; Mattel; Raytheon; Boeing; and other public companies. Because of El Segundo’s unique community atmosphere, the crime rate is low. A unique relationship between the city government, community, and school includes shared-use privileges of library and sports facilities. Many students are second and third generation residents, and many El Segundo High School alumni return to serve their alma mater as teachers and administrators.

The economic trend in El Segundo is positive. According to the 2010 United States Census, El Segundo had a median household income of $84,341, with 4.8% of the population living below the federal poverty line.  El Segundo property values continue to escalate partly based on the outstanding reputation of its local school system, as well as its proximity to beautiful Los Angeles beaches. The student body is 49% Caucasian, 25% Hispanic, 7% Asian, 6% African American, 11% mixed race 1% other. Approximately 23% of ESHS students do not live within the boundaries of the district (permit students). These students increase both the cultural and ethnic diversity. 9% of students received free or reduced lunch in 2017-18. 

Parents and local businesses are actively involved with El Segundo High School. The Educational Foundation is an organization of business leaders, teachers, and community members who contribute heavily to support education through technology, science, math, reading, and the arts. The Educational Foundation contributes approximately $1.5M annually. Parents are directly involved in the decision making process in El Segundo. Parent representatives sit on the School Site Council, Focus Groups, Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) and Booster organizations. Parents are the backbone for all our volunteer activities, and actively support academics, the arts, and athletics.  More information about the Educational Foundation can be found here:


El Segundo High School is a comprehensive (grades 9-12) high school featuring more than 150 courses. It maintains a strong, mostly college preparatory, academic program. Courses include Advanced Placement, Honors, Special Education, English Language Development, reading intervention, as well as vocational programs both on campus and at the Southern California Regional Occupational Center (SCROC) in Torrance.  Online learning and pathway courses have been added, offering students flexible opportunities to blend academic and career readiness.  Pathways in Biomedical Science, Engineering, Business, and Visual/Performing Arts aim to reach the interests of all students.  Students are also able to take advantage of various internships with local businesses. Almost 70% of our students complete the University of California “a to g” requirements, and approximately 60% are accepted to four-year universities. Approximately 37% choose community colleges or vocational education, and 3% join the military or go immediately into the work force as full-time employees. El Segundo High School is currently researching contracting with a data company to track all graduating seniors for up to five years to monitor their success through college, the work place, or the military.  Preparing students for global citizenship and a global economy with future-ready skills are goals for the school and district.

Due to its small student size, 1250 students, El Segundo High School students enjoy substantial personal attention from teachers, counselors, coaches, and administrators. Approximately 700 students are involved in campus clubs and activities, and over 50% of students participate in athletics.