Twenty-three students from El Segundo High School scored in the top 10% on the High School of Business (HSB) final exams during the 2022-23 school year.

The HSB exams are given to students across the country who participate in one of nine programs of study that lead to a postsecondary credential. Schools with students scoring in the top 10% in their programs of study were recognized earlier this month during the MBA Research Conclave, held in Denver.

“We are incredibly proud of our students for their hard work and dedication that have led to these impressive scores on the High School of Business final exams,” said Dr. Melissa Moore, Superintendent of the El Segundo Unified School District. “These courses give students a leg up as they think about their future career plans and the higher education path that will get them there. A big congratulations goes out to all our students for their outstanding achievements and our faculty Bonnie Maye and John Eastman for their role as instructors for the Business Pathway.”

ESHS had students score in the top 10% in six of the nine total programs of study. The following students received a certificate of recognition at the October 24 board meeting:

  • Timothy Anderson, Principles of Finance
  • Evan Chen, Principles of Business
  • Alexander Cole, Business Strategies
  • Thomas Cuzzocrea, Business Economics
  • Ethan Dea, Business Strategies
  • William Deblanc, Principles of Finance
  • Maxwell Dering, Business Strategies
  • Carlotta Escala Boehm, Principles of Marketing
  • Taft Henry, Business Strategies
  • Dominik Kopecky, Principles of Finance
  • Riley Leatherman, Principles of Business; Business Economics
  • Tristan Letang, Principles of Business; Business Economics
  • Mason Linder, Principles of Management
  • Juddson Lister, Principles of Finance
  • Jacob Noda, Business Economics
  • Keith Puckett, Principles of Finance
  • Erica Remmer, Principles of Marketing;; Principles of Finance
  • Lucas Sun, Principles of Marketing; Principles of Finance
  • Lily Tun-Brown, Principles of Marketing; Principles of Finance; Business Strategies
  • Chantal Walker, Principles of Marketing; Principles of Finance
  • Hayden Walkinshaw, Business Economics
  • Ashley Yamaguchi, Business Strategies
  • Nanami Yamashita, Business Economics

More information on the High School of Business is available at https://www.mbaresearch.org/local-educators/high-school-of-business/.