ESHS Student Recognition

ESHS Junior, Avi Sharma earned a perfect score on the AP Computer Science Principles exam in May 2023! Avi’s performance on the AP Computer Science Principles exam was so superior that it falls into an extremely select category. 

Advanced Placement Exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5. Not only did Avi receive the top score of five, but was also one of only 459 students (amounting to just 0.28% of 2023 AP Computer Science Principal exam takers) from around the world to earn every point possible on this challenging, college-level examination.

When asked about how he prepared for the exam, Avi credits his success to Mr. Barajas’ enthusiasm for teaching the course, keeping up with classwork, reviewing modules on AP classroom, and taking a few practice tests. 

While Avi is currently an ESHS junior, Avi took this course his sophomore year as he wanted to try something new. After a year in the course, Avi is more interested than before in potentially pursuing a career in Computer Science. 

For Avi, Computer Science is a growing field that offers so many different opportunities. He enjoys seeing the connections and overlap between Computer Science and subjects like math, engineering, and physics. In particular, Avi enjoys math and is currently enrolled in AP Calculus BC. Avi enjoys the challenge of this course as well as making the cross curricular connections with AP Physics, another course he is currently taking. 

Outside of his academic interests, Avi participates in club level swim and is a member of the ESHS Swim Team, who won the CIF Division 2 Championship last year! Avi is also involved in starting a Math Honors Society at ESHS. 

When asked about future aspirations, Avi sees himself applying to STEM focused universities and colleges where he can continue to be academically challenged and work with others to find innovative solutions in the fields of computer science, math, and engineering to ultimately benefit society. 

ESHS applauds your mastery of the content and skills of this AP course and wish you many future successes!