ESHS Students Present at AIR Show

We are excited to announce that 27 of our students recently traveled to San Diego last weekend to present at the AI Revolution (ASU + GSV) Conference, an event attended by over 15,000 educators from across the country. The students showcased their expertise in AI through their presentation of seven different AI-generated lesson plans.

These students demonstrated how to generate lesson plans using AI, highlighting the potential for incorporating AI into the classroom to enhance learning experiences. They adhered to an AI acceptable use policy and were instrumental in guiding educators through the process.

Additionally, three of our students were chosen to sit on a panel of five students. This panel discussed the possibilities and limitations of AI, offering unique insights and sharing innovative ideas on how AI can shape the future of education.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to those who helped make this experience possible. A special thank you to Ms. McNeela and Ms. Moeller, who mentored all the groups and provided invaluable guidance as well as Ms. Strawn who helped chaperone the event. We also appreciate the parents who drove our students to the conference and supported them throughout this project and the event. Your support and dedication played a crucial role in our students' success.

We are incredibly proud of the hard work, dedication, and leadership demonstrated by these students. Their achievements at the conference exemplify the excellence and innovative spirit that define our El Segundo High School. Well done!

Click here to view more photos and a news clip of the event!


So proud of our 9th & 10th grade Eagles! 

Aarush Antil, 

Owen Barnhart

Vitka Escala Boehm

Theo Bong

Camden Chen

Talle Cortez

Dylan Diez

Jake Eagen

Skyler Foell

Marino Furlan

Emmit Granberg

Anya Gupta

Maxwell Hellwig

Ledger Issock

Brandon Kim

Chase Lai-Yates

Bennett Lee

Sanjay Nataraj

Luke Phillips

Avinash Prasad

Aditya Sahu

Julian Sheridan

Ishaan Srivastava

Burke Taylor

Ethan Thadani

Odin Thomas

Stanley Zhang